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      AbekaM envisions a world where multi-sector relationships unleash and mobilize the necessary resources to renew, amplify and protect the gifts in our target communities and for the people who live within them.

      We Believe great change comes from collective action.

      We Believe the best solutions for communities are found within the people who live, play and work there.

      We Believe successful partnerships need expert and mission-aligned facilitation.

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      There are those people that you enjoy working with and those that are so gifted that they just make your world go just a little easier. Makeeba is one of those rare people that just makes your world just a little brighter each time you come into contact with her. In the field of education and young people there isn’t anyone better than Makeeba McCreary. She knows the ins and outs of the educational system. She gets results and the best news yet – is that she gets results.

      Howard White, Vice President / Jordan Brand, A Division of Nike Inc.